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Watercolor, pen & ink, nature journals
Contact: Heather Murphy
PO Box 818
Leavenworth, WA 98826

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    American Museum of Natural History at New York City

    A wonderful museum and resouce next to Central Park in NYC.

    Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest at

    This annual celebration of all things bird - field trips, lectures, restoration workshops, music, arts - in the Wenatchee River area.

    Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center

    Established in 1939, the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center is dedicated to the history, arts, sciences and the rich diversity of this region and its people. A local source for both science and art explorations.

    Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History at Washington DC websites (to further your love and to discover the intrigue of the natural world):




    Amphibians and Reptiles




    U.S. Forest Service at

    On this USFS site you can learn more about the Ranger Districts on the Wenatchee National Forest, updates on current projects, issues, and recreation opportunities on National Forests.

    The North Cascades Institute at
    Inspirational and professional learning center set in the North Cascades. Sign up for classes to meet your dreams of natural history and the arts of nature.

    The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival at
    This annual celebration of all things fish - a joint event for area conservation organizations, located at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

    The Burke Museum, at the University of
    at Seattle, WA a museum and website to further your discover more of the natural world.

    The Washington Park Botanical Gardens, at the University of Washington
    at Seattle, WA a living botanical site and website to further studies in all things botanical.

    The Chelan Douglas Land Trust at
    This organization provides educational field trips and speaker series, as well as a strong dedication to conservation and land ethics in the North Central Washington."

    Wenatchee River Institute -
    A Leavenworth WA organization that has a natural history learning center.

    The Wildlife Society at

    National professional society for wildlife biologists. In this site you can find the latest wildlife issues, current research in the field of wildlife biology, and helpful information on becoming a wildlife biologist.

    Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society at

    Wenatchee Naturalist -

    Drawing from the Inside Out -

    Icicle Creek Center for the Arts -


    The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators at

    Founded by the Smithsonian Institution in 1968, this organization is dedicated to the high standards and competence of professional ethics in natural science illustration. The Guild provides continued educational programs throughout the USA. "This is an amazing Guild to be a member of!" - HAW Murphy

    Dancing With Birds at

    Sponsored by and the Environment For The Americas, this project was co-developed by Heather Murphy and Rhona Baron. Linking music, dance, art and natural history displays; Dancing With Birds explores neotropical migratory birds and the cultures they span.

    Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

    Artistic Inspirations: Documenting Nature article

    The Grunewald Guild at

    Located in Plain, Washington (between Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee) this instructional campus is a center for learning about faith through the arts. On occassion you may find me teaching classes or participating in their Artist In Residence program.


    Stehekin Arts and Humanties are reported in
    This organization in the remote community of Stehekin WA provides artshows and workshops for visitors and locals alike.

    Jeffrey Moose Gallery in Seattle, WA at

    Representing my artwork.

    The Radio Mechanics a science fiction "short" film, staring Patrick Murphy

Notecards, artwork, illustrations, stories and text by Heather Murphy, Wildlife Biologist, Artist & Nature Writer, in Leavenworth, Washington. All Artwork and Text is copyright protected by Heather Murphy © 1997 to 2021 -- Walleye Cards, LLC